Street Swords is a multiple award winning project that incorporates the sport of fencing with training and personal development for young people

Street Swords makes fencing a more accessible to all with leadership training adapted for ages 8 and above and for a wide range of disabilities!

The philosophy of Street Swords is about how leadership can translate into lifetime benefits such as:

• Optimistic outlook on life and greater aspirations.

• Increase in personal confidence and higher self-esteem

• Characteristics of discipline and organisational skills.

• Opportunities for further support into paid community fencing coaching

As a sport, fencing is an individual discipline which can appeal to participants who are disinclined to engage in team or outdoor sports. Girls and boys compete equally, with respect and discipline being fundamental to its character. Street Swords is inclusive of disability, either as a coach or participant, so activities are fully integrated! This approach encourages all to develop extensive life skills and challenge attitudes of discrimination.

The programme is led by former England Fencing Team Manager and multiple National and European team captain for Great Britain, Beth Davidson who has over 25 years of working in the youth sector in the North East of England. This work has achieved National awards; 2012 Inspired Mark, Sports and Recreation Alliance 2014 Innovation Award, 2013 Big Society Award by Prime Minister David Cameron.